ABOUT F.A.'s Art

Philosopy and Style

F.A. Chekki believes that art's main purpose is to bring the viewer into the mind of the artist in order to create a deep experience. He has developed a syle of painting which integrates oils on wet and dry applications, and he includes the use of base acrylics on some of his works. His focus is primarily on painting settings in the natural world. He will also accept requisition requests and submissions of photographs that his clientele would like see come to life in oils on canvas.  

F.A.'s PASSION for Art

Ever since F.A. was a young child he  has enjoyed and has had a passion for art. He started oil paiting at the age of 13 and moved on to other things for many years. He worked in the legal and insurance industries for years following law school, but he missed his creative side and talents. Thus, many years following his start in painting, F.A. has sought out to carry on his passion for oils and fine art.

The Artist's Vision

​F.A. takes meticulous time in capturing a mood and a feeling in his renditions of the natural world. Attention to detail and lighting is thus something he truly seeks to detail his works. His vision is to infuse a "sprit" into each of his works that lure the attention of the viewer and draws them in so as to feel a "sense of place." F.A.'s works also focus much upon drastic contrasts and brilliant hues. The artist believes that "the purpose of art is to bring the viewer into the mind of the artist and to create a deep 'experience.'"